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  • Prevent a house foreclosure

  • Make up missed car or mortgage payments

  • Pay back taxes

  • Stop interest from accruing on your tax debt (local, Washington state, or federal)

  • Keep valuable non-exempt property

If you have debt piling up for your personal or business account, Peter H. Arkison can help. We have over 40 years of experience in all chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. With a 3-5 years repayment option, you can pay off all or part of your debts from your income!

When you're ready to repay your debts easily and quickly, don't go to sketchy repayment options. Our debt relief agency is perfect for helping you. We have compassionate and quality work on all chapter 13 cases!

Make Keeping Debt at Bay Easier!

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When you're considering chapter 13 bankruptcy, you'll get the option to create a payment plan for your debts. Whether you have large debts or small ones that can be paid off quickly, we'll find the perfect options to make it easier!

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