Roles of an executor in online wills

Roles of an executor in online wills

Have you heard about an executor when it comes to online wills? Do you know an online will is not efficient without an executor? Of course, yes. Without an executor, an online will is meaningless. 

Honestly, a will without an executor is like a car that can’t move. And what’s the essence of creating an immovable car? Except one wants to make a toy car. Sometimes, a toy car can be designed to move from one spot. In other words, executors play an essential role in online wills. 

Have you been contacted to be an executor and want to know all it takes? Or do you want to build a career in executing people’s will? Of course, that’s what some people do. But you can also join the league of people that works on executing online wills. 

Then, you need to know all it takes. Once you know the roles of an executor, then you’re good to go. And that’s what I want to share with you here. But before I proceed, there are two factors we must discuss here briefly. 

It would be nice to create a piece of background knowledge. So, I will discuss the meaning of an online will and who an executor is in this context. Then, we can proceed to the role of an executor in online wills. Thus, your attention is highly needed. Let’s ride! 

What are online wills? 

Do you have a property and want your loved ones to care for it? Then, you need to write a will. Honestly, there’s something about the man that is so unique. Man wants his properties and possessions to be in good condition even after death.

A will, otherwise known as a testament, is a legal document that states one’s intentions for distributing one’s assets and wealth after death. So, if a man wants to entrust his property into the hands of people that’ll look after it after his death, he needs to write a will. 

There’s no doubt that everything is going digital. Remember, people, sit face-to-face with a lawyer to explain how their properties will be shared. But in this age, one can write an online will. Some online will service providers have a template for writing one’s will. 

Also, you need to create a to-do list. Then, creating a will is easy. Online will is a straightforward process. So, one can also do a joint will online. Mind you; you can add your funeral service to the plan. I mean, you can list how you want your funeral service should be. 

The legal documents you want to create online will include all your properties and assets. Yes! You must list out all your assets. Like, your bank accounts, cars, houses, and other assets. Thus, this easy process is a legally valid document. 

What makes online will a legally valid document? An attorney will sign it. Remember, it’s an online form. Of course, you need a sound lawyer. So, with an online will, you will have peace of mind. I want to give your clear instructions. 

Furthermore, you can use your property as special gifts for charity. Who can benefit from your property? Your family members, children, and other people can be your beneficiaries. Yes! You can create a lasting legacy. 

Please decide on what to do with your life today. Yes! You need to decide. Hence, your executor will do it as your wish. 

In addition, please ensure you strike a deal with affordable online templates. There are online willmakers with fixed prices. Your future is secure with an online will. 

Hence, your loved ones, partner, and others can benefit from what you’ve achieved. Also, there are free online willmakers too. Just prepare your mind and do it without stress. 

So, an online will is a legal document that can be created just like a will formed by a licensed lawyer. But, of course, an online will can be legally valid as carried out by an attorney.

Who is an online will executor? 

An executor is legally responsible for classifying the assets and properties of the person who dies. If the person who died has legal documents on how his possessions should be shared, an executor is in charge of what the man proposed. 

online will executor

Then, who can be an executor? Choosing executors varies on the requirements of state law. For instance, in Australia, an executor can be a close friend, a trusted family member, a parent, or a sibling. 

Of course, an executor must be above 18 years of age. In other words, you can’t be an executor in Australia if you are underage. I can say much about the state law of other countries. For example, one cannot be an executor of a will in the US if one is not up to 18 years of age. 

Thus some states provide payment for executors. But since several executors are usually close members, they often don’t ask for compensation. 

Roles of a will executor

Yes! You need to know what it takes to be an executor. If you know the roles of a will executor, you will at least have a clue about what you want to do. Hence, below are the roles of a will executor. 

To get a copy of the will

Roles of a will executor

It doesn’t matter if the will is done in front of a lawyer or online. An executor must have a copy of the will. So, what will you do with the copy of the will? First, you will need to file it with the local probate court. 

On that note, knowing that an executor must understand the will is reasonable. 

To notify banks and other agencies about the decedent’s death

An executor must also notify banks and government agencies about the decedent’s death. The essence of doing this is to make things happen as they will writer wishes. 

For instance, if the will writer has several bank accounts, the executor has to visit all the banks to tell them about his client’s death. 

Represent the estate in Court

One of the roles of an executor in an online will is to show up in court on behalf of the estate. This is essential. So, it is your duty as an executor to visit the court when the deeds online will come to reality. 

To set up a bank account for funds and pay any  bills

If the person that named you as an executor has incoming paychecks, you will be the one to look out for mortgages. Not only that, but an executor will also look out for bills that must be paid in the probate process. 

Maintain the property and assets until they can be distributed or sold

An executor must be in charge if some properties need to be maintained before it is distributed. 

Distribute assets

Remember, distribution occurs according to the wishes of the will writer. For instance, it is stated in the will that the children should share the money in the bank accounts in the same proportion; the executor must read it out like that. And he also ensures it is done as it is written. 

On a final note

Dear reader, I believe you’ve seen something tangible here to share with friends and family. With the above-listed points about an executor and online will, nothing should be strange to you. 

In this write-up, I discussed the meaning of an online will and explained who a will executor is before proceeding to the role of an executor. Finally, do you have a concern regarding this topic? Please share with me!